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Can you remember the last time someone bought you flowers and how it made you feel? I can – they were from my husband for our wedding anniversary! It was such a beautiful surprise and made me feel very special. Since being involved in the giving and receiving of flowers each day I love seeing the responses to receiving flowers and whilst they are all unique and individual they all share a common theme – no one is ever disappointed when they receive a fresh blossom bouquet! So I did some research and it is well documented that receiving flowers actually does increase good feelings and a sense of wellbeing. Flowers make us feel good and have an extraordinary power...
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Blossom Care

Blossom Care Are you the lucky recipient of a Hello Blossom Bouquet or Blossom Jar? Here’s a few tips for how you care for your blossom beauty to ensure you get as many days of loveliness as possible.                                                         Take it Off! If you received a hessian wrapped bouquet, take off ALL the wrapping, pick a favourite little vase or a jar – please make sure it’s clean. We know it's a pain, but that saying about “cleanliness being next to Godliness” is true for flowers too! Wondering what to do with that leftover hessian? Upcycle it again! Get creative! We’d love to see some pics of what you’ve turned it into...
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How lucky am I – I get to do what I love and I love what I do! Hello again flower lovers. Here’s a little look into how HBB got started. People keep asking “what did you do before floristry?” So, here’s the story….Before I took on this new little venture I worked in the Community Services field and studied for my Social Work degree thinking this was the career of my dreams. After taking on a new role, I knew - ‘I wasn’t the person for the job’ and that’s when I decided to follow my heart to do something I have always, always wanted to do - floristry. I bundled myself off to complete a commercial floristry course...
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Wow! What a weekend! I hope everyone had a love-filled and fun-filled Valentine’s Day! I certainly did, and a huge part of that is because of you! I don’t mind letting you know I was very much looking forward to a very long glass of wine on Sunday night though.  A very special “thank you” must go to my wonderful Valentine and my amazing family.  I don’t think I would have made it through the weekend without them.  SO WHAT DO YOU DO? I often get asked (you know, that age old question), “What do you do?”  I tell them I run an online flower business and they usually respond with one of the following reactions: “Oh! I’ve always wanted...
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Besides it being my first blog it’s my first Valentine’s at the HBB studio!   Eager, nervous and excited all in one.  But I’m prepped and ready to go.  The flowers are ordered, the brownies are being baked (thanks Sam) and the brownie boxes have their stickers on.  The orders are coming in and we are looking good. Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?  As the story goes, in the third century AD, Roman Emperor Claudius II wanted to strengthen his army so he banned young men from marrying.  Valentine, it is said, ignored the ban and performed marriages in secret.  He was caught out and for his boldness was executed in AD 270 on 14th February.  So now on the...
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