No Thanks

Wow! What a weekend! I hope everyone had a love-filled and fun-filled Valentine’s Day! I certainly did, and a huge part of that is because of you!

I don’t mind letting you know I was very much looking forward to a very long glass of wine on Sunday night though.  A very special “thank you” must go to my wonderful Valentine and my amazing family.  I don’t think I would have made it through the weekend without them. 


I often get asked (you know, that age old question), “What do you do?”  I tell them I run an online flower business and they usually respond with one of the following reactions: “Oh! I’ve always wanted to be a florist,” or “Your life must be so much fun working around those beautiful flowers all day long…” 

In the short time I’ve been running this crazy little business, things often feel much more frantic than romantic.

Keep reading for some of my light hearted lessons I’ve learned as a blossoming florist…

1.     Three square meals a day is no longer an option.  But have no fear; the soy chips in the pantry sustain me through the sometimes 14-hour days with periodic lunch breaks.

2.     In large quantities, baby’s breath (or gypsophila, as the pros call it) smells like cat pee.

3.     Gone are the days of wearing those cute new platforms to work.

4.     Every rose does, for sure, have its thorn. Some are more like daggers and their only mission in life is to lodge themselves deeply into your little fingers.

5.     Manicures are no longer a luxury; they will have to be a necessity. You  need a good coat of polish at all times to cover your now constantly dirty nails and horrid cuticles. Thank goodness for hand cream.

6.     Splinters are an inconvenient and unavoidable workplace hazard. When my husband offers to remove them with a needle, I graciously decline. They’ll work their way out on their own – but not before driving you crazy for a few days.

7.     There is no greater temptation when shopping for my fresh flower stock with all those gorgeous blossoms to choose from.  I have to be extremely restrained and repeat often -   “I will only buy what I need. I will only buy what I need…

8.     Bridezillas do not exist – I haven’t met one yet.

9.     I have a new found respect for any Delivery Driver – not a day goes by when someone is not trying to run me off the road.

10.  Being a successful florist requires: one part ruthless girl-power, one part creative flair, and one part therapist to your customers.


And just when you’re beyond exhaustion and feel like you can’t make one more posie, someone calls or sends a text which says, “I hope you haven’t sold out, I just have to send a blossom bouquet to brighten my friend’s crummy day.” 

And you remember that your day job is pretty special, after all. 

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