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How lucky am I – I get to do what I love and I love what I do!

Hello again flower lovers. Here’s a little look into how HBB got started.

People keep asking “what did you do before floristry?” So, here’s the story….Before I took on this new little venture I worked in the Community Services field and studied for my Social Work degree thinking this was the career of my dreams.

After taking on a new role, I knew - ‘I wasn’t the person for the job’ and that’s when I decided to follow my heart to do something I have always, always wanted to do - floristry. I bundled myself off to complete a commercial floristry course and a few months later “Hello Blossom Bouquets” was born.

 The business model was created and while there are similar small businesses in the major capital cities, there was nothing like it in Tamworth.

 My mission is to make flowers accessible to everyone and not just for special occasions. I want to flowerise Tamworth. I did a lot of research, a lot of reading and worked out a way to have minimal waste and maximum joy…. hello blossom - small and simple posies wrapped in hessian, brown paper and tied with twine - all for a realistic and affordable price.

 The simplicity of my small bunches of joy is all part of their appeal. I wanted my bouquets to be authentic, like someone had just picked the flowers out of their own garden and handed them to you.

The concept of my daily blossom bouquets is more about the thought or the gesture than the actual flowers. But this is a whole other blog post.